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Welcome to Funserai, the enchanted realm where dreams come alive, and love stories are etched in timeless frames. We understand the significance of capturing the essence and beauty of this momentous occasion. Let us guide you through why Funserai is the perfect haven for creating your cherished bridal memories.


Located in the heart of the Lahore, our space is meticulously designed to provide a dynamic backdrop for a range of corporate shoots, including executive portraits, team photos, product showcases, and promotional content. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, our flexible layout and cutting-edge amenities cater to diverse requirements.


At Funserai, we prioritize the seamless execution of your editorial projects. Our dedicated team provides support throughout your shoot, ensuring a smooth and productive experience. From high-end equipment to a comfortable and inspiring atmosphere, we are committed to helping you achieve editorial excellence.


Funserai is a haven for fashion creatives seeking a cutting-edge space to bring their vision to life. Whether you’re a seasoned fashion photographer, a budding designer, or a stylist looking to create stunning visuals, our studio is meticulously crafted to meet your fashion shoot needs.


Funserai is a place nature meets cinematic brilliance in a sprawling setting designed for captivating outdoor productions. Located amidst the breathtaking scenery of Lahore, our outdoor film shooting space offers a picturesque backdrop for filmmakers and production crews seeking the perfect natural setting for their projects.


At Funserai, we understand the importance of an environment that enables actors and directors to immerse themselves fully in the narrative. Our space is curated to foster creativity and authenticity, allowing your story to unfold organically.Step into a realm where emotions transcend the screen.

What’s Involved?

Welcome to Funserai where the magic of storytelling comes to life. We understand that finding the right location is the key to unlocking the full potential of your film project. That’s why we offer a diverse range of exceptional locations that cater to a multitude of creative visions. Our extensive selection of film-ready locations provides the perfect backdrop for your cinematic visions. Whether you’re filming a commercial, a feature film, or a web series, we offer diverse settings that cater to various themes and eras. Step into the world of cinematography, where every corner, every angle, and every frame is an opportunity. Our film locations are diverse and versatile, offering the perfect backdrop for your storytelling.

Project Brief

Project Planning

Execution and Post

Rs. 20,000 PKR advance payment is required to confirm the booking. Remaining payment is to be made on the day of the shoot in full either in cash to the location owner, or online

Terms & Conditions

The client will only be allowed on the premises during the allotted time. This includes the time required for set-up, make-up, wrap-up and clean-up. Rs. 7,500 will be charged at the start of every additional half an hour.

The team size may not exceed X persons on location.

A room with an AC and attached bath will be provided. An electrical connection only for ironing and hair appliances will also be provided. Please arrange your own mirror, iron, ironing stand, ring light and clothing rack.

The client must arrange their own water and food.

Incase of a power outage there is no backup for heavy appliances like hair appliances, ironing and AC. Only a UPS for fans and lights.

Areas included: As shown in PDF. Flowers and greenery will change depending on the season.

The client is not allowed to make any payment to location staff.

Upon vacating the premises, the client must ensure that all trash including flowers, food, plastic etc. is cleared up and disposed off in a proper manner. Please arrange your own trash bags. There must be no trash left outside on the street in front of the location either. Incase the location is not cleaned, additional Rs. 8000 will be charged.

No loud music allowed on location.

The client shall not share the address of the location with any third party, including but not limited to, adding the location pin on any social media channels.

The client shall not share the details of this agreement with any third party, including but not limited to, the location charges.

Neither the location owners nor Location Station shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss or harm to persons or equipment during the shoot.

The client shall not make any alterations or modifications to the location for the purpose of the shoot without prior permission of the location manager/location owner.

Lighting or any other photographic equipment may not be erected in any manner that could cause damage to the property. All equipment brought onto the property for the shoot shall be removed immediately thereafter.

Incase of any damages to the property as a direct result of the photo shoot, the client shall be held liable and will be charged accordingly.

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Our journey began with the realization that the right location can make all the difference in bringing your creative ideas to life.